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Friday arraignments

Arraignments are held in Sydney on the second Friday of February, the first Friday of March to November inclusive, and the second Friday of December. There is no arraignment day in January.

The Criminal List judge presiding at arraignments is the Hon. Justice Helen Wilson. Please note that the dial-in details will be issued to the parties by her Honour’s Tipstaff by close of business the day prior to the list

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Hearings by AVL

All accused persons who are in custody will appear by audio visual link (AVL) pursuant to s 5BB of the Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Act 1998 (NSW).  Accused persons who are on bail are excused from personal attendance and should appear instead by way of AVL.  All practitioners should appear by way of AVL. 

Appearance in person by practitioners or accused persons may be desirable in some circumstances.  Application to appear in person should be made by way of email to the Associate to the Criminal List judge at least one week in advance of the arraignment day.  The judge may also direct there be physical appearances where considered necessary.

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10 Oct 2023

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