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Application Fact Sheets

Most applications for an uncontested grant of representation are required to be applied for and filed online.  Please refer to the following quick reference guides:
  1. How to Create an ORW Account (PDF, 483.9 KB).
  2. Customer User Interface (PDF, 1.0 MB)
  3. How to Upload Supporting Documents (PDF, 310.4 KB)
  4. How to Generate your Summons and Affidavit  (PDF, 1.4 MB)

For further information about specific types of uncontested applications, please refer to the below fact sheets :

  1. a grant of probate (an application by an executor named in the Will)
  2. a grant of administration with the Will annexed (an application by a person who is not an executor named in the deceased's will)
  3. a grant of letters of administration (an application by an interested party where the deceased did not leave a valid Will)
  4. ​accounts passed and application for a commission
  5. applying for a reseal of a Grant of probate​
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02 Dec 2023

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