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Bail application forms

Bail Application (PDF, 198.4 KB)

Standard Conditions of Bail (PDF, 211.6 KB) (updated 2 November 2023)

Application for Bail Refund (DOC, 161.5 KB)

Property as security

The Court will hold the mortgage in safe-keeping, and will only register it if necessary to remedy a breach of bail conditions.

National Mortgage Form

Complete and submit the interactive National Mortgage Form when lodging property as security for bail.

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Sample forms

Sample Mortgage Form (PDF, 584.4 KB) helps you to complete the interactive National Mortgage form.

Sample Caveat form (DOC, 139.4 KB) (DOC, 139.4 KB) (to be submitted when lodging property as security for bail.)

Acceptable Person Forms

Forms to be completed by the acceptable person (where an order of the Court was made naming the acceptable person), or proposed acceptable person.

Acceptable Person form - Bail Security Agreement (PDF, 16.1 KB) (PDF, 16.1 KB)where security is to be deposited/not required to be deposited.

Acceptable Person form - Character Acknowledgement (PDF, 6.6 KB) (PDF, 6.6 KB)where an order has been made that an acceptable person is to acknowledge how long they have known the accused and the nature of their relationship.

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08 Mar 2024

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