Supreme Court of New South Wales

Court security

Warning alert

Before you can enter the Law Courts Building, your belongings (including bags, wallet, keys and mobile phones) will need to pass through an X-ray machine.

You will also need to walk through metal scanner, and if the presence of metal is detected, security attendants will ask you to step aside so they can scan you with a hand held metal detector.

Do I have to be scanned?

Yes, it is a condition of entry into the Law Courts Building. Refusal to comply with the security scanning arrangements set out above may result in denial of entry into the Building.

What if I have a physical or medical reason that prevents me from being scanned?

If you are unable to be scanned or searched by standard methods for example: walking through a metal detector or being scanned with hand-held detector due to a physical disability or medical implant, tell the security officers and they will assist you by using an alternate search method. Evidence of an implant may be required, for example, a medical implant certificate.

Security guards are trained to conduct searches in a manner that protects your privacy and dignity.

Are there any items that I am prohibited from bringing into the Law Courts Building?

Yes; please see the Conditions of Entry into the Law Courts Building for details.

Will the x-ray machine contaminate or harm my property?

No. The x-ray machines are well maintained and any exposure is well under the legal limits allowed. The x-rays emitted from the machine are generated by electrical energy and are not radioactive. They will not activate or cause a reaction in foods, medicines or other materials including electronic equipment.

Security-related threats

Threats and comments made about carrying weapons or explosives - whether intended as a joke or not - will be taken seriously and may result in you being refused entry to the building or police being called.

Last updated:

14 Sep 2023

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