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Who is entitled to a transcript of court proceedings?

In accordance with Practice Note SC Gen 2 Access to Court Files, only parties and their legal representatives are entitled to obtain transcripts from court proceedings. Non-parties may apply for access to transcript by completing an Application to Access Court File.

How do I order my transcript?

If you are a party to a case or representing a party, you can order, pay for and access transcript securely online. If you need to purchase transcript in a case in which are not directly involved, you will need to submit an order form. Information on both options is available on this page.

When will my transcript be available?

Transcripts are available 15 working days from date of order. If you require the transcript to be provided sooner, please specify the date required on your order form. Though every effort will be made to provide you with your transcript on the date requested, no guarantees will be offered. Please contact the Reporting Services Branch (RSB) if you are concerned about the delay in the provision of your transcript.

Can I make additional copies of my transcript?

Transcripts are subject to Crown copyright. Without the Crown's authorisation, the reproduction of transcript for any purpose other than the conduct of court proceedings is prohibited. For further information about Crown Copyright, please co​ntact the General Counsel at the NSW Department of Justice (DoJ).

Daily transcripts

  • Requests for Daily Transcripts from parties must be submitted as early as possible, a completed order form must accompany the request.
  • By ordering a daily transcript, you or your company are agreeing to receive transcript for each day of the trial/hearing. You or your company will be liable for the cost of this continual supply throughout the trial/hearing. Your request should include the name of the presiding officer, the parties' names (for example, Smith v Jones) and the Case Number as stated by the court as reference.
  • Same-day supply of daily transcript is subject to court sittings finishing no later than 4.00pm. If the court sits later than 4.00 pm, the transcript will not be available until the next working day.
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A nominated service provider will contact you to arrange payment details. Daily transcript will not be provided until payment details have been confirmed.

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21 Sep 2023

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