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Transcripts and recordings can be ordered through the Online Registry, provided users have an account. Anyone who is a party to a case can order a transcript or recording online. You will be able to order, track, process, and receive transcripts in one location.

If you are not already registered for the Online Registry, you can create an online registry account. You will be asked to verify your identity.

Steps to ordering a transcript online

1. Login to the Online Registry

2. Navigate to the Transcripts tab

3. Request a transcript online. You will be guided through the necessary approval and billing processes. Eligible customers may apply for a fee exemption or waiver.

4. Check the progress of your transcript order at any stage by logging back in to the Online Registry.

Customers who are not associated with an existing case (general public enquiries) will need to order a transcript by the below process.

Download and lodge an order form

Non-parties or their legal representatives seeking to obtain transcript can complete one of the following forms transcript order forms

The completed form is to be forwarded to the Reporting Services Branch (RSB) as follows:

​Supreme Court Criminal (and Civil back transcript) order forms:

Supreme Court Civil daily transcript order forms:

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A nominated service provider will contact you to arrange payment details. Daily transcript will not be provided until payment details have been confirmed. Delivery of your transcript order will be via email.


Transcript fees are prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Criminal Procedure Regulation 2017 and Schedule 1 of the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017. The fee is calculated on a per page rate.

Met​​​​h​ods of payment

See the Methods of Payment section on our Fees page for further information.

Contact details

For all enquiries please contact the Reporting Services Branch.

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04 Sep 2023

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