Supreme Court of New South Wales

Chief Justice Andrew Bell

Speeches by the Hon. Andrew Bell, Chief Justice of NSW

​​Date ​Speech

28 November Opening Remarks to the Global Arbitration Review Conference, Sydney (PDF, 115.7 KB)
7 November Book launch of Contempt by Professor David Rolph (PDF, 132.0 KB)
19 October

Farewell Ceremony for the Honourable Justice Robert Beech-Jones (PDF, 113.6 KB) (PDF, 113.6 KB)

Link to video of ceremony

7 October The Role of Foreign Judges in the Pacific: Past, Present and Future (PDF, 361.2 KB) (PDF, 361.2 KB)
3 August Remarks for launch of Luke Nottage and Mokoto Ibusuki (eds), Comparing Online Legal Education: Past, Present and Future (PDF, 92.7 KB)
2 August One Judiciary and the Administration of Justice in New South Wales (PDF, 199.8 KB)Address to the Local Court of New South Wales Conference 2023
30 May
Farewell Ceremony for the Honourable Justice Paul Brereton AM RFD as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and as a Judge of Appeal

>Link to Video of Farewell Ceremony
27 April
2023 Spigelman Oration - 'Extraterritoriality in Australian Law' (PDF, 372.4 KB) (PDF, 372.4 KB)
​28 March
‘On classic ground’: Martin’s monument and civilizational yearnings in colonial New South Wales - The Fifth Sir James Martin Oration (PDF, 1.7 MB) (PDF, 1.7 MB)
​22 March
St John's College Faculty of Law Dinner Address (PDF, 211.0 KB) (PDF, 211.0 KB)
​01 March
Dinner Address to the Members of the Queen's Club - 'Tradition and Change' (PDF, 163.6 KB) (PDF, 163.6 KB)
24 February
Admission of New Lawyers (Newcastle) (PDF, 152.0 KB) (PDF, 152.0 KB)
22 Feb
Farewell Ceremony for the Honourable Justice Robert Macfarlan as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and as a Judge of Appeal

>Link to Video of Farewell Ceremony

21 Feb
Book Launch of Learning to Litigate by Neil Williams SC and Alison Hammond (PDF, 116.7 KB) (PDF, 116.7 KB)
17 Feb
Launch of 5th Edition of Winterton's Australian Federal Constitutional Law (PDF, 173.2 KB) (PDF, 173.2 KB)
08 Feb
Great Synagogue Service - Opening of Law Term Reception Speech (PDF, 194.3 KB) (PDF, 194.3 KB)

​06 Feb

Address to the Parramatta District Regional Law Society on the occasion of the Opening of Law Term (PDF, 116.0 KB) (PDF, 116.0 KB)

01 Feb

Opening of Law Term Dinner Address 2023 -
'The State of the New South Wales Judicature 200 years on from the Bigge Report'
(PDF, 371.5 KB) (PDF, 371.5 KB)

27 Jan
(PDF, 115.7 KB)
Closing Address to the Australian Bar Association Advanced Trial Advocacy Intensive Course (PDF, 104.4 KB) (PDF, 104.4 KB)
​07 Dec 2022
Remarks on the occasion of the 10th John Lehane Memorial Lecture (PDF, 97.3 KB) (PDF, 97.3 KB)
​09 Nov 2022
Speech on the occasion of the Court of Appeal sitting in Wagga Wagga​ (PDF, 91.2 KB) (PDF, 91.2 KB)
19 Oct 2022
Remarks on the Occasion of Silk Bows (PDF, 98.7 KB) (PDF, 98.7 KB)
28 Sep 2022
Remarks on the retirement of Mr Ross Anderson (PDF, 75.1 KB) (PDF, 75.1 KB)
17 Sep 2022
Innovative Justice - Sir Ninian Stephen Lecture, University of Newcastle (PDF, 270.5 KB) (PDF, 270.5 KB)
​29 Aug 2022
​25 Aug 2022
​17 Aug 2022
21 Jul 2022
Launch of Stata Law in New South Wales and Joske’s Law and Procedure at Meetings in Australia (PDF, 163.6 KB) (PDF, 163.6 KB)
​18 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022
‘When an accused goes into evidence’ – Keynote Address to the Legal Aid NSW Criminal Law Conference (PDF, 248.4 KB) (PDF, 248.4 KB)
20 Apr 2022
‘Some Key Decisions of the Court of Appeal in 2021’ - District Court of NSW Annual Conference (PDF, 331.1 KB) (PDF, 331.1 KB)
14 Apr 2022
The Hon. Justice John Basten: an appreciation (PDF, 198.6 KB) (PDF, 198.6 KB)
​07 Mar 2022
Swearing-in ceremony of the Hon. A S Bell as Chief Justice of New South Wales (PDF, 158.3 KB) (PDF, 158.3 KB)
> Link to Video of the Ceremony
28 Feb 2022
Farewell Ceremony for the Hon. T F Bathurst AC (PDF, 104.7 KB) (PDF, 104.7 KB)
> Link to Video of the Ceremony
​17 Feb 2022
“Strata Title in the NSW Court of Appeal” - Address to the Australian College of Strata Lawyers Annual Conference (PDF, 222.8 KB) (PDF, 222.8 KB)
​16 Nov 2021
​29 Oct 2021
‘Disputes with International Dimensions’, Supreme Court of Western Australia Annual Conference (PDF, 167.1 KB) (PDF, 167.1 KB)
​23 Jul 2021
‘The rule of law and the Constitution – a short overview’, Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, University of Melbourne Law School, Constitutional Law Conference 2021 (PDF, 144.5 KB) (PDF, 144.5 KB)
​21 Jun 2021
‘Foreword’ in Mohammud Jaamae Hafeez-Baig and Jordan English, The Law of Tracing, (Federation Press, 2021) (PDF, 106.1 KB) (PDF, 106.1 KB)
​15 Apr 2021
NSW Court of Appeal: A Year in Review – 2020 (PDF, 1010.0 KB) (PDF, 1010.0 KB)
13 Apr 2021
Occasional Address to the Newcastle University College of Human and Social Futures Graduation Ceremony (PDF, 71.6 KB) (PDF, 71.6 KB)
​06 Apr 2021
Recent Recurring Issues in the Court of Appeal - District Court of NSW Annual Conference (PDF, 244.4 KB) (PDF, 244.4 KB)
​15 Oct 2020
​'The Rise of the Anti-Arbitration Injunction', Third Annual Supreme Court ADR Address (PDF, 443.3 KB) (PDF, 443.3 KB)
​18 Aug 2020
The Court of Appeal and the Coronavirus [2020] (Winter) Bar News (PDF, 853.2 KB) (PDF, 853.2 KB)
21 Feb 2020
The Federal and State Courts on Constitutional Law: The 2019 Term (PDF, 406.4 KB) (PDF, 406.4 KB)
​26 Nov 2019
​International Commercial Dispute Resolution: an Australian perspective (PDF, 349.1 KB) (PDF, 349.1 KB)
​25 Oct 2019
EPLA Conference - Court of Appeal update (PDF, 439.6 KB) (PDF, 439.6 KB)
​21 Oct 2019
Delivering Reasons in the Tribunal Context (PDF, 180.8 KB) (PDF, 180.8 KB)
​05 Sep 2019
​Launch of Heydon on Contract: The General Part (PDF, 210.1 KB) (PDF, 210.1 KB)
​02 Sep 2019
What Albert did and what Albert did next: Albert Bathurst Piddington - the High Court judge who never sat (PDF, 226.9 KB) (PDF, 226.9 KB)

​23 Aug 2019
​Private International Law in Practice Across the Divisions: some recent developments and case law (PDF, 325.4 KB) (PDF, 325.4 KB)
​12 Jul 2019
An Australian International Commercial Court – Not a Bad Idea or What a Bad Idea?, Australian Bar Association Biennial International Conference (PDF, 366.3 KB) (PDF, 366.3 KB)
​28 Jun 2019
Occasional Address, Legal Profession Admission Board Graduation Ceremony (PDF, 82.6 KB) (PDF, 82.6 KB)
28 Feb 2019
Swearing-in Ceremony of the Honourable Justice Andrew Bell as a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW and President of the Court of Appeal (PDF, 84.6 KB) (PDF, 84.6 KB)

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19 Feb 2024

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