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Registry contacts

Accessibility 1300 679 272*
After Hours (Urgent only) (02) 9230 8025

Costs Assessment

1300 679 272*

Court of Appeal

1300 679 272*

Court of Criminal Appeal
Courtroom technology (including video and phone links using the virtual courtroom)

1300 679 272*


1300 679 272*

Executive Office
File access requests

1300 679 272*


1300 679 272*

NOTE: This address is for the submission of enquiries only regarding invoices, refunds or monies held in the Court's trust account. Credit card payment details should not be emailed to this address.

General enquiries 1300 679 272*
Listings (Civil)

Check: Should you use this email address for your particular request?​​

Media Inquiries

9230 8190


1300 679 272*

Subpoena access & uplift requests

1300 679 272*

Subpoena adjournments

NOTE: Use this email only when you have missed a return of subpoena date, not to request the issue of a subpoena. Your email needs to include the case number, party names and preferred adjournment listing date. If you are a self-represented litigant, your email should also include the date upon which the Registrar granted you leave to issue the subpoena for which a replacement listing date is required.

1300 679 272*

Succession & Probate List Judge and Registrar in Equity

NOTE: Use this email only to contact the List Judge or Registrar in Equity for matters in the Succession & Probate List. This email may be used to contact the Registrar and List Judge to exercise liberty to apply or restore, seek leave to file certain Notices of Motion and to send consent orders for matters in the List. General enquiries about probate or contact with the Court about uncontested probate matters should be sent to

*If dialing from an international number, the contact number is +61288314500.
Information alert

If you need to email a specific judicial officer or registrar about an upcoming hearing, please visit the Judicial Officer and Registrar contact details pages.

Listings (Civil/Crime) email address​ (

Use this email only for the following: 

  • Mediation listing requests (where Order for mediation made) / determine available mediation dates.
  • Examination available dates / listing requests.
  • Applications for matters to be restored where liberty to apply has been granted (in the most recent order made). Note if the purpose of the relisting is in respect of non-compliance of orders made then an affidavit setting out the details of the default and steps taken to remedy the breach, what proposed orders are being sought is to accompany the listing request.
  • For matters in the Admiralty, Commercial, Commercial Arbitration, Corporations, Defamation, Family Provision, Real Property, Revenue or Technology and Constructions Lists - any request to restore or relist matter is to be directed to the Chambers (via Associate) of the List Judge. Additionally, where a Judge has specifically indicated that such approach should be made directly to that Judge via their Associate, then an email to civil listings is incorrect and again should be directed to that Judge via Chambers.
  • Common Law - available hearing dates where leave has been given to approach and list the matter for a hearing. The listing will only be confirmed once all parties have given their consent that the date is suitable.
  • Enquiries relating to Supreme Court Criminal proceedings.
  • Requests to appear via AVL in the Common Law and Equity Registrar directions list are to be emailed by 12pm working day prior to the listing. For transparency purposes, all parties are to be included in your correspondence when requesting to appear via AVL using the "Application for appearance via AVL – Registrar ONLY" form.

Warning alert

The Listing email address is unable to assist with requests to appear via AVL before the Registrar in Court of Appeal, Court of Criminal Appeal, Bails or Return of Subpoenas. Any requests of this nature are to be directed to the relevant email address listed above.

The Listing email address is unable to assist with the lodgement of documents. Any documents submitted for filing are to be sent to

Information alert
  • I​n all communications with listings, all active parties in the proceedings are to be copied into the email / correspondence.

  • Any requests to change a return date of an initiating (originating) or interlocutory process filed recently or any enquiry seeking to know what the first / next listing date will be when an initiating (originating) or interlocutory process is filed are to be directed to​.

  • Any requests for a Show Cause listing specifically to prevent dismissal under UCPR 12.8(7) in a Possession List case should be directed to (NOTE: no other correspondence will be dealt with through that email address).
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27 Nov 2023

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